3 business travel problems and 9 specific solutions

If you deal with business travel (as a boss, assistant to the board, travel manager, or as an employee), you know how much time, effort, and money it all takes.


In the following text, you will learn how to solve the 3 basic problems related to business travel.

These problems or challenges are:

  1. Difficulties with organizing the trip (including booking flights and hotels so it does not cost too much).
  2. Unforeseen situations during the trip (such as a canceled flight and the need to look for accommodation in a transit point).
  3. Additional work related to travel costs (settlements, numerous invoices).


These problems are commonplace in companies whose employees and contractors travel abroad. Fortunately, the business travel process can be optimized.


How to make corporate travel simple?

The first issue is organizational difficulties. They often lead to a waste of time. The posted travel worker has to take into account many factors, and the multitude of options is overwhelming. When connecting flights are involved, such planning can be quite stressful. The employee will not always make an economic choice, and this in turn leads to a loss of money. In the worst-case scenario, it may turn out that the journey will be expensive, tiring, and the business goal will not be achieved anyway, e.g. due to being late.


Simple solutions to this problem are:

  • storing the offer of air connections and hotels in one convenient place
  • using IT systems that automatically find the best options from a wide range of flights and accommodations
  • developing a quick approval process for the travel plan by the boss or travel manager
  • implementation of the travel policy


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What to do in the event of unforeseen situations?

If you often travel on business trips, you’re probably familiar with this situation: You are traveling with different airlines with a stopover. Your flight is late and your second flight is on time. You have to browse the internet when you’re under stress to find an alternative connection, or you need to book a hotel on site and wait until tomorrow.

Can anything be done in such situations?


The simple solutions are:

  • providing the traveler with telephone support at any time
  • “Plan B” in case employee on the go needs an overnight stay
  • knowing where the employee is at the moment


Support in such situations is also part of the solutions we offer at Hotailors. We provide 24/7 telephone assistance. Moreover, we offer a guarantee for specific connections: in the event of a canceled or delayed flight, we’ll arrange for the traveler a hotel room and a ticket for the next flight.

And thanks to the traveler tracking technology, the company always knows where the employee is located and can react appropriately in an emergency.


How to speed up settlements and document circulation during a business trip?

After the trip, the employee brings with him the invoice for the plane, train, hotel, taxi, a meal in a restaurant, in a cafe … and so on. It also happens that an invoice is lost and the billing department will have to contact a foreign company and ask for an invoice or receipt.


Smart solutions:

  • one collective invoice for all services
  • cashless payments


At Hotailors, this is how we settle accounts with our clients. We provide them with a technology easy to implement and use, supported by AI, which manages the entire business travel process from planning to settlement.

Finally, we issue one collective invoice. This is where expenses for flights, hotels, coffee, and tea are made. Isn’t it convenient?


So what are the solutions to these 3 basic problems?

In order to overcome the difficulties in planning a trip, it is necessary to use travel policies, improve the process of approval of travel plans by superiors, collect flights and hotels into one common set, and combine it all in an automated system that will help people find the best options.

In the event of unforeseen situations, it will be useful to know where the employee is currently on the road (traveler tracking), provide him with 24/7 telephone support, and have an emergency plan.

And last but not least, to control settlements and clutter in invoices, establish cooperation with a company that specializes in corporate travel optimization.

Such a company will take on communication with carriers and hotels. It will also enable cashless transactions for all services. In the end, you’ll get one collective invoice, instead of hundreds of documents.

Optimization and automation of business trips are possible thanks to modern solutions supported by artificial intelligence. For a company to take full advantage of the benefits of technology, it should undergo a digital transformation.

With Hotailors, you can go through the digital transformation quickly and painlessly. Implementing our technology is possible within 48 hours (overnight), and our experts help at every stage.

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The Hotailors team