3 Reasons Why Employees Should Book Their Own Business Travel

Nobody likes being micromanaged, especially about things you could easily do – and even enjoy doing – your own way, like business travel. Modern employees demand nowadays more than ever flexibility in their job and lifestyle. That’s why it’s only fair and natural that business travel follows the trend and adapts to the current times, where employees’s priority is work-life balance.


What is the problem with current managed business travel

New generations of business travelers are young and tech-savvy and therefore less likely to enjoy strict, outdated travel policies and methodologies. Companies must understand the importance of keeping their employees happy and adapt the ways they allow their business travelers book and organize their business trips.

Employees are increasingly demanding their employers to let them self-book their business trips over the agency route. Travel agencies don’t have as much freedom as travelers want and they lack many options to arrange their own custom trips.

Managed corporate travel also tends to be more expensive than letting employees choose their own business travel plan. Having office managers, assistants or travel managers book company trips requires efforts that reduces productivity and increases costs.


So, what is the solution? Let business travelers book their own trips!

We understand that it might seem a bit chaotic at first, but the key to employees booking their own business trips is having the right Business Travel Software. This way employees can book their own business travel the same way they’d book their usual leisure trips, but always in a way that stays within your company’s travel policy and saving your company money.

This way you’ll accomplish:

  • Improve employee satisfaction
  • Save company money
  • Employees will follow your company’s travel policy
  • You’ll have all the bills in one place (also see our take on this topic)


1. Improved Employee Satisfaction

Employees who feel they have control over his work-life balance are mor satisfied with their jobs. Specially younger generations of business travelers enjoy researching the area they’re going to travel to and the places they’d like to visit after their work is done. There’s no better advocate of your company than the employees working in it. So keep them happy and they’ll bring good publicity to your company’s name.

Today’s business traveler prefers to research their trip. From where they want to eat to which area of the city they’d like to sleep in.


2. Employees Find the Best Deals

Let’s accept it, modern traveling has evolved to travelers researching and learning how to find the best deals. Give your employees some trust by letting them book their own business trips and empower them by hold them accountable, this will report in savings for the company and better satisfaction for the employee.

On top of that, traditional corporate travel bookings are full of disadvantages. Leisure booking sites are often non-refundable and have no customer support and agencies often over-inflate their prices and communication is slow and clumsy.


3. Corporate Travel Management Platforms Are Here to Stay

Travel management within your company should shift away from micromanagement and restrictions and toward trust, transparency and simplicity. With this golden rules, everybody ends up winning.

Also, by using a Corporate Travel Management Solution you will be able not only to get insights on how your employees are travelling and spending, but you’ll also be boosting your employee’s productivity as they get to spend time doing something more essential for the company instead of sorting out their expenses while they’re away.