Do travel policies help to save on business travel budgets?

In our earlier article, we explained the subject of what this whole travel policy is and whether it is worth creating in the company.

In the following article, we would like to present the travel policy as a tool for saving on budget. Find out if we are right.

The costs of planning and implementing a business trip keep many people awake at night. It is a decisive element when planning business trips. One of the ways to save money is to introduce an appropriate travel policy into the company, which facilitates control over the company’s budget.


Clear rules

By introducing a travel policy, we also introduce clear travel rules, i.e. what class we travel in, in which hotel categories we stay and what budget we have for a given trip. Thanks to this, we narrow down the search circle during the planning phase and employees feel that they are treated equally. Of course, you can divide the policy into specific grades in the company. Managers and directors may have a different one from other employees. Likewise, a policy can also be the same for all levels of the company. The choice is yours to make.



Any of us who have planned any trip, whether private or business – know how much time you have to spend on planning: searching for the most optimal connections, choosing a hotel, and planning each aspect of the trip. Not everyone likes this element of planning. Thanks to a tool where we have access to personalized offers that have been accepted by a given company, it is simply faster and easier. For many people, this can be one pain point that keeps them awake at night less.


Reducing the cost

Companies like Hotailors work with suppliers. Due to this, they often have the best offers for transport or accommodation. Many providers also offer free cancellations or unexpected assistance.


Convenient online tools

In many countries, more than half of trips are booked through standalone business travel booking tools. In this case, managers and directors of companies expect that they will get access to all services in one place. Self-booking tools facilitate this. It’s a one-stop shop.


Help you can count on

Let’s not forget about the important aspect of feeling secure. Many companies offer assistance at every stage of the journey. After all, many questions may arise when planning a trip or choosing hotels. We also never know what will happen during our trip. It’s good to know that someone will help us 24/7. A sense of being cared for and safety is very important.


Eliminate Chaos

Thanks to a travel policy, you can control the chaos in the area of ​​booking business trips. Thanks to clearly defined rules, employees have access to the imposed preferences in a given company. It may also have a significant impact on the increase in employee satisfaction and the comfort of their work and well-being. And we know well that a happy employee = an effective employee.

Traveling on business is still very important. In many cases, conversations are conducted on the spot in the contractor’s company more effectively than by telephone. Therefore, business travel is still important. Many companies want to save and reduce the costs of business trips. However, this does not mean that they want to eliminate business trips. When we implement an appropriate travel policy in a given company, business travel can become a great pleasure for everyone.

If you have any questions, we remain at your disposal.


The Hotailors team