Safe travels, smart business: modern solutions for companies

Business trips entail more than just business meetings and relationship-building; they pose a significant safety challenge for employees. So, how can we ensure their protection in an ever-changing world? Here are a few key elements to consider.

Personalized Security Policy

A personalized security policy goes beyond a set of general principles. It’s a carefully tailored approach that considers the specific conditions of each journey. In the era of ubiquitous technology, cybersecurity is becoming as crucial as physical safety. Implementing effective practices for data protection, using secure Wi-Fi networks, and educating employees on cybersecurity are essential for maintaining comprehensive security during business travels.

Monitoring the Safety of Travelers

Real-time monitoring of employees’ locations is another crucial aspect. At, we offer the Traveler Tracker tool, allowing for an immediate response to unforeseen situations. Additionally, it enables two-way communication with travelers, which is crucial in case of emergencies. This way, every employee can feel secure, knowing that support is always just a click away.

Integration with External Systems

At, we go a step further. Through integration with external systems like Sherpa, our tool provides up-to-date information on health, policies, and safety in a given region. It’s not just about monitoring threats but also proactive action to avoid potential dangers.

24/7 Travel Agent Support

Security is our priority, which is why our travel agents are available 24/7, 365 days a year. We offer support not only in emergencies but also assistance with various travel-related issues. Whether you have questions about reservations or need to change your departure time, we are always available.

Integrated Expense Management

At, we understand how crucial fast, precise, and automated expense management is, especially in the context of travelers’ safety. Thanks to integration with SAP Concur Expense, our solution is not only efficient but also ensures digital security, eliminating the risks associated with manual expense reporting and maintaining the confidentiality of data at the highest level.


Enhancing the safety of employees during business travel is a complex task but a crucial element of responsible company management. A tailored policy, real-time monitoring, integration with external systems, travel agent support, and a central expense management system together create a comprehensive approach to safe business travels.