The benefits of having an agent for business travel

Have you ever wondered why companies use the help of official agents? Is it worth using their help? Can trips still be planned independently??

In the following article, you will learn about the benefits of having a business travel agent. See for yourself that there are many of them.



Do you remember situations when you had to organize a business trip last minute? Departure in a few days and instead of focusing on your duties at work and you are looking for air connections and hotels? Unfortunately, this is the case in many companies. No wonder that when you are starting to think about a business trip – you get a headache and stress. Fortunately, there are dedicated companies on the market that organize such things especially for you. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have somebody at hand to handle the process?


Cost reduction

Organizing itself is not always so hard, but when you have to also factor in budgetary restraints, it can become a challenge. . Often the employee’s comfort is abandoned in favor of the cheapest options: a poor-quality hotel or a connection with a long transfer. It is extremely difficult to organize a comfy and economical trip. And you also have to remember to collect all receipts and invoices. After all, nothing can be lost, because it has to be handed over to the decision-making person in the company in order, for example, to receive a refund.


Cooperation with regular suppliers

In many companies, cooperation allows for more favorable conditions. Thanks to the partnership approach, better financial conditions can be negotiated. Especially now, in the era of the pandemic, having contracts with hotel booking providers, rail and bus carriers, and suppliers of all other transport services, ensures a reliable comparison and valuation of offers. The agent also has the appropriate technical and organizational skills to constantly monitor the course of the trip. At Hotailors, we have added COVID-19 statistics at the stage of travel planning. We know how important the psychological comfort of an employee is. Especially now, when the COVID-19 incidence statistics change almost daily and COVID-19 restrictions often change like in a kaleidoscope in many countries. That is why it is so important to choose a carrier or hotel wisely. Suppliers often react faster to a given situation and can together help solve a potential problem.


Travel Policy

If you travel a lot, the ideal solution is to create a travel policy in your company. It can include any guidelines for employees in the company. A well-structured travel policy allows for clear structure and guidelines. Companies who do this, find it very helpful.


Have you ever encountered a problem while organizing your trip? Are you stuck at the airport? Are you late for your plane? Do you remember the stress associated with it? Service at the highest level

You don’t have to worry anymore because at Hotailors we are always at hand to help. That means our qualified agents are available 24/7 365 days a year. We speak Polish and English. You can contact us via chat, telephone, and e-mail. We have the latest, reliable information. This is a particularly important aspect in the case of natural disasters, pandemics, or random accidents.


Summing up, is it worth having a special business travel agent? We answer shortly – YES. Why?

You will always feel taken care of and your costs will be optimized. If you can save time and nerves, why not take advantage of it?


Hotailors Team