What is the best software for corporate travel during a pandemic?

The solution is software that combines automation and AI with expert support and also provides access to the latest information about COVID-19.

The coronavirus pandemic turned out to be a powerful blow to the global economy. The situation varies from country to country and changes unpredictably. Uncertainty in business travel has become a new reality.

Only with the right technology, you can travel efficiently and safely.


What features should the business travel system offer?

To efficiently organize business trips, companies increasingly use the services of external entities. Outsourcing of business travel planning, implementation, and settlement processes allows them to focus on business goals, not the hardships associated with reservations.


In the COVID-19 era, the health and safety of travelers have become the priority. Therefore, the business travel organization service should contain such elements as:

  • technological solutions that help you plan your trip quickly and stress-free,
  • available 24/7 customer service comprising experienced agents,
  • staying in touch with airlines and hotels so that in an emergency, the traveler is not left without help,
  • traveler tracking technology – to ensure the possibility of emergency communication,
  • up-to-date and reliable information and statistics on the epidemiological situation in the countries to which the travel is planned.


Why is it worth using computer systems for business travel?

Thanks to the appropriate software, it is possible to plan a foreign business trip in about 5 minutes. While for some it seems impossible (after all, the process requires at least flight and hotel booking), some companies already use such solutions.

Technology, most often supported by AI, allows you to avoid organizational chaos, which is simply dangerous in the era of coronavirus.

Such software is very convenient, and for companies whose employees often fly, it is even the basis for talking about safe travel during a pandemic.


How to provide employees with service and care during a business trip?

Nowadays, the support of popular bots and autoresponders is not enough. Customer service made up entirely of human experts is also not enough, for it is available only on working days.

A traveler can get stuck at the airport or even in forced quarantine. After all, such a situation can happen on Saturday and Sunday, or at night.

That is why a helpline available to travelers 24/7 is essential. The mere awareness that an employee has someone to call in a difficult situation and ask for advice means that the motivation to travel on business will not decrease, despite the pandemic.


What are the dangers during a business trip?

The dangers vary from life-threatening situations such as natural disasters and terrorist attacks to situations such as; flight canceled, hotel closings due to pandemic, or stay shortened.

Therefore, the role of a business travel agency cannot be limited to making a reservation. Communication with hotels and airlines as well as access to information is essential.

In case of problems, the customer service must help the traveler in talks with airlines and hotels, and provide the traveler with useful information.


2 types of information that are essential for the safety of travelers:

  1. Knowing about COVID-19 infections in the countries we travel to.
  2. Knowing where the employees sent on a trip are currently located.

By combining this information, the company and the traveler are aware of the risk. By putting safety first, you can, for example, choose a different route or cancel your trip.

To achieve this level of information, you need software that provides access to up-to-date disease statistics and is equipped with a traveler tracking system. It enables emergency communication between the company and the traveler and thus increases the safety of the employee sent on a business trip.


Why is there a need for software that combines these features?

Consistency is the keyword.

All elements must operate within one system available in the browser. Any changes must be updated in real-time.

The adoption of such technological solutions is tantamount to the digital transformation of business travel and thus provides the company with a competitive advantage.


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