What’s the easiest way to organize a business trip?

Planning a trip can be tiring. If you are a business traveler or a travel manager who needs to approve travel plans, then you know what I mean.

To organize a business trip, you need to consider many factors. First, the traveler must get to his destination on time. He should also be reasonably rested to fulfill his business task. There is more. Travel and accommodation should be chosen to bear in mind the company’s finances. You also need to remember about the coronavirus and check whether the government of the country to which he travels has introduced new sanitary restrictions or the need to undergo quarantine. In the end, the business trip must be settled.

Quite a headache, isn’t it?

Most times, travel managers have to compromise. They are often forced to sacrifice one thing for something else.

If only there was an economical and easy-to-use technology that would facilitate the entire process …


Is there a program to support and settle business trips?

An example of such a program is Hotailors technology. It’s an easy-to-use and affordable system powered by AI and supplemented by human experts.

It is a SaaS solution that organizes and optimizes business trips in the company, starting from the planning stage to settlements.

See on the example of Hotailors solutions how to make the organization of a business trip pleasant, and fast.


Is it possible to choose flights and hotels in 5 minutes?

The solution we present at Hotailors saves time for the booking employee. Planning the travel takes 3 steps. It can be done in 5 minutes.

The entire process is on the part of the traveler, but at the same time, it is within the established framework (travel parameters, travel policy). There is no need to repeatedly exchange emails with the supervisor and conduct a long approval process, because it is done automatically.

Step one is to set your preferences. A person who is flying on a business trip and has to plan his or her journey determines the corresponding days and hours of flights, as well as the price range and standard of the accommodation. Traveler can also choose the area within how many kilometers from the venue of the event or business meeting should the hotel be situated.

The system then searches for flight connections and, as a second step, the traveler selects the flights of his interest. Here the traveler specifies whether these are to be direct or change flights. Also at this stage, it is displayed whether the flight falls within the travel policy.

And step three is choosing a hotel. The system searches for accommodation that matches the preferences set before. By default, it displays only the properties that are included in the travel policy – so the traveler doesn’t waste time browsing hotels that he can’t choose, anyway. The conveniently presented information like; hotel photos, standard, price, address, and distance from the city center, helps him decide.

After that, there is only the summary screen and the possibility to submit this itinerary for approval. The boss or travel manager will see the plan right away and be able to accept it or not.

The entire process is intuitive and quick, as all flight and booking data are gathered in one place. The employee does not have to visit the website of airlines and hotels separately to make a reservation. Thanks to automation and technology, the Hotailors system is even faster than a professional travel agent.


How to increase the comfort of the traveler?

A well-rested employee will better achieve the company’s business goals. Therefore, besides collecting data in one place and enabling rapid travel organization, we provide our clients with 24/7 support – the awareness, that the traveler can at any time contact someone who perfectly understands his situation, reduces the stress related to the trip, and ensures psychological comfort.

How does it work? We collaborate with a network of travel experts from around the world. Our agents are on duty around the clock and throughout the week to help travelers.


Thanks to 24/7 support, two things are possible:

  1. Already at the trip planning stage, the traveler can use the help of our experts. Our clients sometimes consult them on the choice of connection when traveling with a change. Sometimes this method is used to book non-standard transport or services at the destination (e.g. boat trip).
  2. Should something unforeseen happen (late flight) our agents will pick up the phone and try to help. They can e.g. find an alternative connection, another hotel, etc.


Thus, the Hotailors solution is complete. Where an automated and AI-supported system is not enough, experts available 24/7 will help.

An employee on the move will never be left alone.


What is the role of travel policy?

Many companies have so-called travel policies. They are frameworks or scenarios for specific situations. There may be a different travel policy for ordinary employees, one for contractors and one for management staff.

Thanks to travel policies, a person planning a trip will not go beyond the budget and will know what types of flights and hotels they can choose. From the perspective of the employee, this increases the convenience, and from the perspective of the boss or travel manager, it allows you to control the budget.

Hotailors technology allows integrating travel policies from a company with our system. Travel policies can be dynamically updated, your budget is under control and reports are instantly available (automatically generated). Even the accounting department can count on a respite because instead of dealing with invoices for flights, hotels, or car rentals separately, they receive one collective invoice from Hotailors.


The easiest way to organize a business trip is to use a well-designed computer system that aggregates all data and processes in one place.

A good example of such a system is the Hotailors technology.


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