and AXA Partners introduce new business travel insurance

The last two years have shown that business travel is increasingly risky. Cancelled conferences, exhibitions or the illness of an employee or their relatives are occurrences that have become commonplace. That is why, together with AXA Partners, we have introduced a new cancellation insurance.

“We insure hundreds of thousands of trips and our experience shows that awareness around insurance is growing – and the pandemic became an additional “educator” in this sphere. When planning a trip, most customers think about the consequences of a situation where the trip could be cancelled for reasons beyond their control. Employers, for whom the scale and costs of employee travel are a significant burden, think similarly. For this reason, together with, we are introducing additional cancellation insurance,” – says Łukasz Hajkowski, member of the management board of AXA Partners.

Thanks to cooperation with AXA Partners, in our current product range we have included insurance cover which provides support for employees during a work trip. This covers illnesses, accidents or loss of luggage. In response to the current, uncertain times, when business travel is increasingly risky, it has become necessary to extend this insurance coverage.

“The pandemic made us increase our awareness. A business trip or an event may not take place because it could be cancelled at the last minute, even though everything has been planned well in advance,” –  says Filip Błoch, CEO of

Unexpected situations can also occur when it is too late to cancel a hotel reservation or a plane ticket. Such cases are covered by the new extended insurance.

The premium for business travel insurance against cancellation costs is 10% of the total travel cost. However, if the trip is cancelled, the refund covers 90% of costs incurred for tickets and hotel reservations. The insurance covers not only employee illness, or that of their relatives or of a contractor, but also other random events that can be documented, e.g. refusal to issue a visa or refusal for entry at a border. An additional advantage of this insurance is how simple it is to purchase and also then of making a claim – the process is parallel to that of booking a hotel or flight.

“This insurance greatly improves the financial security of companies that organise business trips. It provides the customer with guaranteed maximum flexibility regarding a trip and the possibility of cancelling it at any time. In the case of clients who send hundreds or thousands of employees on business trips, the scale of savings can be huge,” adds Filip Błoch.

“We see that in some companies this type of insurance is already mandatory for every business trip. Our customers can include this solution in the company’s travel policy, which regulates the rules of trips. Our tool allows you to implement such a policy, and thus simplify and automate the trip approval process” – explains Maciej Stopierzyński, CTO at