How to organize an unforgettable team-building trip?

The upcoming new year is not only a time for reflection and planning for the future but also an excellent opportunity for team integration. At, we understand the importance of balancing professional and personal life. It’s simple – people work better when they’re happy. That’s why we believe in the fusion of work and relaxation as a fantastic way to integrate your team. If you find yourself tasked with organizing team-building events, you might be a bit stressed and less excited. We understand that planning such trips can be complicated, but we’re here to help.

Why should you organize a team-building trip?

A change of environment and a little break are excellent remedies for the daily stress and tension often present in the office. Team-building events provide wonderful experiences for building company culture. Whether you’re a startup or a large organization, increased camaraderie, improved communication, and enhanced productivity are noted benefits during these trips.

Sounds good, but how do you plan such a corporate journey?

Set the dates

Similar to planning a wedding, the first thing to do is determine the event date. Sometimes, it’s challenging to do it right away due to considering personal plans of employees. Therefore, the best strategy is to set the date as far in advance as possible to accommodate everyone. Keep in mind, the more employees your company has, the further in advance the date should be. Additionally, determine the length of the event. You can have different dates voted on by employees to choose the most convenient time. This way, they’ll be more eager to mark the event on their calendars.

Choose the location

After setting the date, the next step is selecting the location. Consider several factors:

– Weather (does the team prefer to go where it’s warm, or is weather secondary?)

– Accessibility (is the team willing to travel far?)

– Travel visas (will some/all team members require them?)

– Wi-Fi quality in most lodging and cafes

Book accommodation and transportation

Now it’s time to book group transportation – be it a train, bus, or flight. This can be a nightmare for some managers, especially when team members reside in different cities or countries. But trust us, it can be done without major issues. At, we assist you in navigating this process step by step. By creating a predefined trip, each of your employees can choose a convenient transportation option while adhering to your travel policy. Once every team member has their transport arranged, our team of travel agents will help you choose accommodation that fits your company’s needs.

Set goals and plan activities

For remote teams, meetings and discussions are crucial. It helps them integrate with the rest of the team. For organizations with offices in multiple locations, increasing knowledge exchange and communication between branches is crucial. For teams working together in the same office, the focus should be on fun and relaxation. Treat a business trip as a reward and an opportunity for development and knowledge exchange. Plan activities that are interesting, developmental, and innovative.

Start the New Year boldly with an unforgettable team-building trip with! Our platform not only facilitates travel organization but also assists in creating unique experiences that will strengthen the bonds within your team. Harness the potential of team-building trips to build a positive work atmosphere and enhance the efficiency of your team.