About us

WorkTrips.com history

WorkTrips.com, as it exists today, first began life in 2016 as Hotailors — although the founders had been experimenting with travel technology startups since 2012. Back then, they focused on hotel personalisation for conference guests and speakers.

Employees of WorkTrips.com

In the late 2015, during Startup Summit in Warsaw, the founders had an opportunity to wow Jakob Gajšek, the originator of ABC Accelerator, a well-known European programme. The team found out he is a Monthy Python fan, bought their book and had the hotel place it in his room with a note. It turned out that Jakob, had been looking for this book for a long time. He was so impressed that he immediately reached out to the Hotailors’ team and invited them to a 3 month programme to help them scale their business. This was the moment when Hotailors came to life as a brand.

In 2017 Hotailors team won “InCredibles” – a mentoring program organized by the biggest Polish startup investor Sebastian Kulczyk. The team were admitted into the second class at Google Campus Warsaw. Working with Google, It turned out that there is a great need to manage and bring visibility to the business travel of independent contractors. The decision to pivot into this direction pushed Hotailors on a path of rapid growth, while the team has grown to 30+ members.

In 2019 Hotailors have won a global purchase order from Vodafone Global at Arch Summit in Luxembourg. Year 2019 was crowned with a “Hot 25 Startups for 2020” title by PhocusWire. It did not take long to prove Hotailors were worthy of this award as they were invited to join SAP.iO Foundry San Francisco in the early 2020. Today WorkTrips.com are listed in SAP Concur App Center and provides a seamless integration allowing to synchronize traveler data and push contractor expenses to SAP Concur.

Today WorkTrips.com team consists of nearly 60 people worldwide in locations like Poland, Ireland, Luxembourg & the USA.

The Founders

Michał Szeksztełło

COO, Co-Founder

The man who makes the vision and technology work together.

He started his professional career during his studies, when he started working in the sales department of a large telecommunications company. He has been repeatedly recognized as a top B2B client executive. Michal’s years of sales experience helped to win our first corporate clients – Google & Vodafone.

Michał understands the startup dynamics very well and always looks for additional opportunities to accelerate growth. He is a supporter of eco-friendly solutions and reduction of the carbon footprint.



Maciej Stopierzyński

CTO, Co-Founder

“Source code” of knowledge and innovation at WorkTrips.com.

Founder of a software house, where he actively developed IT solutions for leading brands in many industries. He ran it for 11 years, managing large software teams, expanding his technological and business knowledge.

Maciej is an MVP evangelist, focusing on solving real business problems, satisfying real customer needs and generating value from the first weeks of cooperation. He is always looking for ways to make the WorkTrips.com system even more intuitive, efficient and user-friendly.