Make business travel green with us – traveling with purpose and impact 

At, we believe that business travel can be a force for good. That’s why we are committed to improving our environmental, social, and governance (ESG) practices and helping our customers do the same. We offer innovative solutions that enable you to choose eco-friendly and socially responsible travel options, while also meeting your business needs. By traveling with, you are joining us in creating a positive impact on the world.

Train in the forest

How to travel green and save money with


Business travel can be a great opportunity to make a difference, if you choose eco-friendly travel options that protect the environment. That’s why we offer you tools to choose sustainable and socially responsible travel options that suit your needs and budget. With you can:

– Compare the carbon footprint of flights, trains, and buses and pick the most efficient mode of transport

– Use our approval flows to cut unnecessary business trips that may negatively affect the environment.

– Find hotels that are certified for their environmental and social practices and have a lower impact on the planet and the people.

– Receive detailed reports showing the carbon footprint of the past trips.

Making a Positive Impact on Society 


We care about the people and communities we work with and serve. We are committed to:

– Improving working conditions and safety standards in the travel industry.

– Supporting human rights and diversity in our operations and supply chain.

– Partnering with local organizations and charities that work to improve social and environmental conditions.

Want to learn more?


If you’re interested in learning more about ESG approaches and ways your company can impact the environment, we recommend exploring verified sources of information. Please find some of our suggestions below:

The United Nations Global Compact website, which promotes sustainable business initiatives

GreenBiz, an informational portal about sustainable business

Green Global Travel, which focuses on ecotourism, nature and wildlife conservation, and cultural preservation

Sustainable Travel International, which empowers communities and travelers to protect the planet