In Memoriam Julia Bereza

Large eyes, a beautiful smile, long blonde hair, and a love for travel – this is one of our travel heroes.

29 years old… It’s too early to say goodbye to you.
Today, we bid farewell to one of ours on their final journey… Julia Bereza.

Julia worked in our Customer Services as one of the first employees.
She supported our clients in reservations, challenging cases, canceled flights, transfers, and various situations that required her assistance… and she excelled in them. Travel was her life.

Since 2019, thanks to remote work opportunities, she served our travelers from all corners of the world:

Thailand, Mexico, Sri Lanka, Guatemala, Vietnam, Turkey, Georgia, Korea, Jordan, Israel, Spain,

She was a fantastic employee and an incredible person who formed many friendships within our company. Here’s how her colleagues remember her:

“Julia was a very warm person. When COVID started and there was less work because we reduced shifts, she devoted her free time to volunteering in local communities, including helping paint a school in a small village in Vietnam. She was always open to new challenges, adventures, and meeting new people.”

“Meeting Julia gave the impression of already knowing her because she radiated an aura of calmness and warmth. Always smiling, cheerful, and willing to help. She passionately spoke about her travels.”

“Julia has always been associated with freedom, naturalness, positive self-assurance, and tranquility for me. Of course, her smile was also her recognizable signature. With her courage, she could inspire at least a few people. Julia could infect everyone around her with good energy. Due to her numerous travels, many people were fortunate to meet her, and in many hearts, her memory will remain.”

“Julia was a brave girl, always striving for what she set for herself. Her curiosity about the world infected others and motivated them to act. We met 10 years ago in college, and back then, I didn’t realize how many shared trips and plans awaited us. We traveled together, worked in a restaurant in Italy, and thanks to that, I have many beautiful memories and shared photos that will last forever. I will surely revisit them often.”

“Julka was a girl who wasn’t afraid of anything, a brave woman who fulfilled her dreams by traveling to various corners of the world. When she smiled, you could see the joy in her eyes. She infected with a positive attitude and a willingness to act, but she never refused to help others. Surely, she was a motivation for some to strive for their goals. She was a wonderful person with whom conversations could never end.”

“As soon as I met Julia since she appeared in our company, we easily connected with her. During work together in the office, new shared stories and jokes emerged. Her laughter was always contagious, and her smile lifted the mood even on the gloomiest day. With Julka, you could talk about everything, from very private matters to very general ones. She was always supportive, always ready to advise and help. Her love for travel and the whole world, her courage, her immense motivation to achieve goals and fulfill dreams made such a huge impression on me that they also became my motivation for action and development.”

Julka, you left an irreplaceable void.

Until we meet again…

Board and colleagues at