Among the Winners of Aulers 2023 – Awards for Polish Startups

Our innovative platform for organizing business trips has been honored with the prestigious Aulers 2023 award. The final gala took place on December 13th at the Google Campus in Warsaw, where secured the 2nd place in the main category for “significant revenue growth over the last 2 years and daily support for companies in saving on business travel.” This is not only a recognition for the company but also evidence of its growing impact on the business travel industry.

Aulers for – Success in the Business Travel Category in Poland.

Our AI-integrated platform offers solutions that allow companies to save up to 30% on employee travel costs. By aggregating offers from 2.2 million hotels, 900+ airlines, trains, buses, Uber, insurance, and 24/7 support, we enable efficient planning, booking, and settlement of business trips.

During the award ceremony, Maciej Stopierzyński, Co-Founder and CTO at, emphasized the significance of the award for the company, stating: “This is a great honor and an excellent opportunity to increase the visibility of our startup! The community gathered around Aula Polska is a source of inspiration and tremendous potential for us. We thank the entire team for their constant effort in the development of WorkTrips every day. We are pleased that our commitment directly impacts facilitating and enhancing the business travel of thousands of people worldwide. It means a lot to us!” and Sustainable Business Travel

The platform not only enables efficient management of business travel but also supports sustainable development. In line with ESG principles, the company focuses on minimizing CO2 emissions by providing solutions that allow for the selection of more environmentally friendly means of transportation and accommodation.

The Aulers award is another milestone in the dynamic development of, confirming the company’s significant contribution to the transformation of the business travel market. In 2022, the company achieved revenues of 36 million PLN and has gained recognition in numerous prestigious competitions organized by Google, Vodafone, and INcredibles.

For more awards we have received, visit the “About Us” section.

As an Aulers laureate, joins the ranks of esteemed startups that have revolutionized their industries, inspiring new generations of entrepreneurs to achieve success. It is also confirmation that Polish startups are gaining global recognition and playing a significant role in the worldwide innovation ecosystem.

The outlook for 2024 is equally promising for, as the startup has also received an invitation to participate in the Orange Fab program by Orange.