Behind the scenes of the travel industry. Our #TravelHero Wiktor on work, passions, and travelling

Business Travel Advisor

Welcome to another fascinating interview in our #TravelHeroes series! Today, we would like to introduce you to our Business Travel Advisor – Wiktor, who is a true expert in handling travel emergencies.

During this conversation, we will immerse you in the world of exciting challenges and unpredictable moments that come with working in the travel industry. Wiktor will share with us his professional journey – from his early days in the hospitality industry to his current position at, where he serves as the first line of support for our customers.

We will also delve into his passion for football and how he manages to seamlessly combine it with his love for traveling. Are you ready? Let’s dive in!

MATEUSZ: What was your first job?

WIKTOR: I worked as a lifeguard at a pool in one of the hotels in Poznań.

MATEUSZ: So, you’ve been connected to the travel industry from the beginning :). How did your professional journey at start?

WIKTOR: I was recommended by a friend who already worked at Thanks, Daniela ;-)!

MATEUSZ: Was working in this industry enticing for you?

WIKTOR: Tourism and the travel industry are definitely my passions. I studied in this field, but I’m also involved in it on a daily basis! Moreover, working with clients is something I enjoy doing.

MATEUSZ: Alright, so you’re a person with a calling! I know you lived in Poznań, which university did you graduate from?

WIKTOR: I started at the AWF (Academy of Physical Education), but the form of education offered by that university didn’t suit me. I changed schools to WSB, where I could count on a much larger number of practical classes, which provided greater value.

MATEUSZ: I see. So, how long have you been working at, and what do you do?

WIKTOR: I’ve been working since October last year, although the first weeks were mainly spent on learning and training. There’s a lot of information to absorb at the beginning of the job. What do I do? I work in the Customer Support department. I’m the first line of assistance for our clients :). I think my studies really helped me quickly integrate into a company operating in the travel industry. Previous work experiences also made it easier for me to connect with clients.

MATEUSZ: Could you describe your typical workday?

WIKTOR: A lot depends on the shift I’m on. Our department works 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, so we divide this work into three shifts. Although, no matter which shift it is, it always starts with coffee!

MATEUSZ: We know, it’s a must-have! What happens next? 🙂

WIKTOR: The beginning of the shift is a kind of review of what was done on the previous shift and whether there are any tasks that need to be completed. Only then do I start contacting the client and providing support in various situations. Every day is different here, and that’s what I value most about this job.

MATEUSZ: Since you mentioned the multitude of tasks and situations to handle, what would you describe as the biggest challenge in your work?

WIKTOR: I think significant challenges are situations where the client has an entire trip planned, everything is ready, and suddenly, on the day of departure, something doesn’t go as planned, like a hotel canceling a reservation, or a flight being canceled, etc. – in such situations, pressure begins to build.

MATEUSZ: Pressure?

WIKTOR: Yes, then you have to react quickly and find solutions. Such last-minute situations are a challenge for me, but I enjoy this state.

MATEUSZ: It’s a challenge, time is running out, and adrenaline is rising, right? 🙂

WIKTOR: There’s something to it, but in these moments, I always try to ensure that the person I’m helping doesn’t feel the stress. I make sure they feel taken care of. Especially since these are often situations over which the client has no control.

MATEUSZ: Do such moments where stress and pressure rise occur frequently?

WIKTOR: Not really, but I remember a situation where one of the clients was late and had to transfer from a train to a plane. We did online check-in for him, and we were in constant contact to make sure he could fly from Warsaw’s airport.

MATEUSZ: Did it work out? 🙂

WIKTOR: Absolutely!

MATEUSZ: It’s clear that you enjoy this job. Are there any aspects that you approach reluctantly, something you’d rather avoid? 🙂

WIKTOR: I prefer email and chat contact, so I’d rather not talk on the phone. Even at home, when we order pizza, my girlfriend does it! (laughs) At the beginning of my job, I also had a problem with remote work. I just couldn’t get used to it, but I managed to adapt, and now I see the advantages of working in such a system.

MATEUSZ: Was this your first experience with remote work? 🙂

WIKTOR: Yes, it was my first encounter with remote work. Changing habits and adjusting to this model took me a while. One of those habits is regular breaks, which help me rest from the computer and the workload. Fortunately, I have a dog that effectively reminds me to do it :).

MATEUSZ: Changing the topic, could you please tell me what you value in working in the travel industry?

WIKTOR: In this job, I combine passion and work, so I think it’s the best situation. In the job itself, I really like what I mentioned earlier. There’s no routine here, and every day looks different.

MATEUSZ: What’s your best memory from

WIKTOR: Without hesitation, I would say it was the New Year’s meeting, where we had the opportunity to meet in Poznań. It was interesting to meet people you work with remotely every day and suddenly have the opportunity to talk to them in person. I have very good memories of that integration!

MATEUSZ: Please tell me, how do you approach the topic of work-life balance?

WIKTOR: When I started working remotely, it was difficult, but now I make sure to separate the time I work from the time I devote to my passions. I also attach great importance to not overusing the computer or phone outside of working hours.

MATEUSZ: You mentioned your passions, what do you spend most of your free time on?

WIKTOR: Sport is something that brings me a lot of joy – the gym, running, football. I also like to read books related to travel. I recommend the one I’m currently reading, “Sobremesa – Let’s Meet in Spain.”

MATEUSZ: What about traveling?

WIKTOR: Traveling is not a hobby; it’s more of a lifestyle ;). I try to combine travel with my passion for football. If I have the opportunity to go somewhere, I choose places where football plays a significant role, where I can visit a team’s stadium, go to the club’s museum, or watch a match.

MATEUSZ: As a football fan, I have to ask about your favorite team?

WIKTOR: FC Barcelona, always!

MATEUSZ: Alright! Wiktor, now we’re going back to the year 2005. What would you say to yourself back then? Any advice, hints?

WIKTOR: In 2005, I’d say listen to your mom, but if I could go back to 2015, I’d say listen to your intuition, not acquaintances.

MATEUSZ: Makes sense, I understand. Getting closer to the end, I have a holiday-related question for you. What destinations do you choose during your vacations, and what was your last trip?

WIKTOR: The destination for my vacation is definitely Spain, and my last trip was to England, specifically to Liverpool, London, Manchester, and five stadiums I managed to visit during that trip.

MATEUSZ: I envy those stadiums in Manchester!

WIKTOR: It was during the Champions League final, so I got to celebrate the victory of Pep Guardiola’s players with Manchester City fans.

MATEUSZ: For a football fan like me, what you’re saying sounds fantastic. But I also see that your passions nicely intertwine, I mean, tourism and football?

WIKTOR: I always try to plan trips so that I can visit a stadium or a city with a rich sports history and combine these two areas.

MATEUSZ: I wish you the best of luck with your next sports trips, and thank you for the conversation.

WIKTOR: Thank you :).