Bleisure – an interesting trend in business travel

The word ‘bleisure’ is derived from the combination of the words ‘business’ and ‘leisure’. It means combining business travel with recreation and entertainment. Other functional terms for this trend are also “bizcation” and “workcation”. This trend appeared in the USA in 2017.

A form of combining a business trip with free time spent sightseeing is a new niche that inspires more and more people.


Until the outbreak of the pandemic, bleisure was heavily promoted by employers as a new trend.

It was a good way to retain and show appreciation for the most valuable employees of the millennial generation.


Is working with a sea view even possible?

Yes! A perfect combination of working in an exotic place with the possibility of sightseeing. This is a very popular trend abroad. In Poland, it is only recently gaining supporters.


Millennials are looking for bleisure.

So the so-called Y generation is looking for employers who can offer work combined with travel. Sometimes such a journey lasts a month and sometimes only a few days.


Allowing bleisure is a good guideline for employers looking to retain young workers in their company. What are the benefits of Bleisure?

A well-rested and happy employee is a more effective person. The Bleisure traveler is more culture conscious and wants to broaden his horizons. Such a person plans his time intensively in a newly visited place and puts a lot of work into the maximum experience. He also appreciates the opportunity offered by the company and can combine business with pleasure. In times of growing employer-employee awareness, the favorable attitude of the company makes previously disliked “business trips”something pleasant.


What is the challenge of bleisure?

TIt affects benefits, business trip settlements, insurance, and assistance in crisis situations. Platforms for self-booking a business trip come in handy. At Hotailors, we offer support for the formal separation of business travel and private stay.


The Hotailors team