Digitization as the future of tourism?

Is the digital transformation of Global Tourism an opportunity for the industry to recover from the pandemic? What can the tourism industry expect in terms of digitization? We would like to answer these and other questions in the following article.

The COVID-19 pandemic has completely changed our lives. As a result, many industries have suffered. One of them is tourism. Companies that have developed distribution channels for services/ products on the Internet have felt the effects of the coronavirus to a much lesser extent. Tourism is another branch of the economy that is increasingly visible on the Internet.

Digitization is an inevitable phenomenon. Such an unexpected event as an epidemic Sars-CoV-2 only reinforces the opinion that many companies need to digitize. Of course, in a sector like tourism, you cannot travel online, but there are many processes that can be streamlined online. You can improve the comfort of service, communication and increase sales. You can also personalize the offer and approach the client individually.


What is E-tourism?

The tourism sector is more and more visible on the web. Many companies now only operate on the Internet, resigning from stationery offices. This is a branch of online tourism.

Thanks to the continuous development of modern technologies, it is possible. This is a significant improvement for the client who can book his trip without leaving home, as well as for the company, thanks to which it reduces its costs.


Digital Tourism – A Recipe for COVID-19?

Recently, UNWTO – the World Tourism Organization has presented a number of guidelines and recommendations that will help to revitalize tourism. In addition to developing safety protocols, a very important aspect will be to support innovation, which should be aimed at the digitization of world tourism. UNWTO declared its willingness to organize online training, including promoting implemented technologies that support the need to maintain social distance in tourist facilities.


Digitization in tourism

More than half of the global sales of travel services are made via online channels. However, the Internet is a wasted resource and opportunity. There are still niches in which to thrive. The development of new technologies is also a great place for tourism. An important element of digitization is continuous optimization, i.e. real-time updates of information on Covid-19 cases or information on the availability of transport/hotels. New technologies allow entrepreneurs to save time and money.


Personalized offer

In the 21st century, we strive for uniqueness. Each client wants to be treated individually. Tailor-made tours are also becoming more and more popular. In this case, the client feels honored. A personalized offer allows him to feel special. Thanks to many IT systems it is possible. Many applications offer individual solutions. Thanks to this, each traveler can tailor the offer especially for himself. Thanks to continuous development and optimization, it is possible to develop tourism on the Internet.


Who among us does not dream of booking the dream, most affordable, and best offer with one click?

Thanks to optimization and digitization, it may soon be possible.


The Hotailors team