Hotailors system – how do we implement clients?

Usually, it does not take even a week from getting to know our technology to traveling with the Hotailors system, and the entire onboarding process is pleasant and easy.

Our customers praise us for combining modern, AI-supported technologies with help-oriented customer service. Instead of customer service, we call this department customer care. Our people are available 24/7. These are flesh and blood agents that you can write to or call. Even now, in the era of a pandemic and the associated reduced number of business trips, we are not reducing jobs. We care about maintaining experienced employees who are familiar with the idea of ​​customer care.

At Hotailors, we take care of the customer service department, because our clients appreciate the possibility of contact with a living person. This has been the case since the very beginning of the company’s existence.


When does onboarding start?

Already at the sales stage.

At Hotailors, we have abandoned the so-called transactional sales in favor of a more modern approach, which is consultative sales.

Transactional selling is a thoughtless presentation of benefits, breaking down objections, and pressing to close the sale. This sales model is based on the assumption that a given product is the best. The person who sells it seeks to finalize the transaction without looking at the customer’s needs. It is exclusively focused on selling. Often, as a result, the customer is left unattended after the purchase.

At Hotailors, we operate differently – we use consulting sales. Our potential customer will quickly find out that the main goal of Hotailors at the sales stage is to understand the customer’s needs and familiarize him with the product as closely as possible.

We teach how the solutions we offer work and show the functionalities of Hotailors to such an extent that it can be safely called the beginning of implementation-onboarding.


What questions do we ask a potential client?

We talk to the client to see if our product will actually solve their problems. This is a very practical approach because one fully satisfied customer is more valuable to us than ten who are on average satisfied.


At an early stage, the client can expect the following questions:

  • How many people will use the system?
  • How often do employees go on business trips?
  • How long are they leaving for?
  • How does the travel approval process look, currently?
  • Is a travel policy implemented?

The answers to the above questions help us to adapt Hotailors solutions to specific needs. We can adjust the travel policy to the one that already exists in a given company or we will help to create one from scratch, if it has not been used so far.


What can a customer check before buying a Hotailors product?


The customer gets the opportunity to check the system on a demo version that has the same functionalities as a fully working product.

With the help of the demo version, each customer can get to know our system. You can plan your trip from choosing the means of transport to choosing a hotel according to your preferences. The demo version displays real and current transportation options and hotels.

It is up to the client whether they want to see a demo version, start a trial, or try our system on a test environment, involving a group of employees of their choice.


What does the implementation look like after purchasing the product?

The process is very smooth as we know the client quite well at this point. The transition from sales calls to product use is smooth.

It remains to perform such technical activities as:

  • uploading users to the system (including assigning administrative rights, etc.),
  • selecting the currency for billing and preferences related to invoices (how often should they be issued and what data should be included on the invoices),
  • setting internal options (travel policies, cost centers, reporting),
  • a possibility of integration with SAP Concur or SAP Fieldglass (if the customer uses this software).

During each implementation stage, we offer help, because we want our client to feel taken care of and to be able to use the system as soon as possible.


At Hotailors, we distinguish three stages of customer contact: getting to know the product -> signing the contract -> traveling with Hotailors. How does it look in practice?

We approach each client individually, which is why we adjust our implementation program. Often, after a few days, the company can use all the functions of our system. The company can also organize business trips of its employees, control budgets, set travel policy, and monitor the current situation (the number of Covid-19 infections in a given country) – all on a single, interactive desktop!

Check for yourself what it looks like and contact us.

We are happy to answer all your questions!


Best regards,
Hotailors Team