Security and comfort: Why opting for a Business Travel Advisor’s assistance is a smart choice?

Today, we have prepared a special interview with one of the employees of, Martyna. This conversation will allow us to dive into the fascinating world of the travel industry and learn about Martyna’s professional journey, from working at the airport to her current role at

Martyna will share her experiences working in Customer Support, discussing the challenges she encounters and explaining why working with business clients is so captivating for her. We will also discover how she maintains a work-life balance and hear about her passion for reading and writing.

MATEUSZ: What was your first job?

MARTYNA: I worked in a debt collection office; it was a typical office job right after finishing high school, but it didn’t last long, about 4-5 months. My next step on the career path was getting closer to the travel industry because I worked at a hotel reception.

MATEUSZ: So, your first encounter with the industry you’re somewhat connected to now?

MARTYNA: Yes, later on, I managed to get a job at Poznań Ławica Airport, where I was involved in direct passenger services, including check-ins, baggage handling, and collecting fees. After the outbreak of the pandemic, I had to change industries, and for a year, I worked in Help Desk. However, as soon as the opportunity arose to return to the travel industry, I came back and started selling airline tickets.

MATEUSZ: How did your professional journey with start?

MARTYNA: I was getting a bit tired of working with individual clients; I didn’t want to leave the travel industry but was looking for a change. That’s when I came across a job posting at, and after reading the role’s description, I was convinced that this was it! Additionally, the remote work model was a significant benefit for me.

MATEUSZ: How do you evaluate this change compared to your previous role?

MARTYNA: Working with business clients is undoubtedly easier and much more enjoyable because these clients are more aware. I feel like I quickly found my place in the new environment. My previous experience in the travel industry definitely played a significant role. This change was a good move!

MATEUSZ: How long have you been with, and what do you do on a daily basis?

MARTYNA: I’ve been working for 5 months, but I feel like I’ve been here for 3 years. Part of the Customer Support team, specifically, I’m a business travel advisor. I handle various channels through which clients communicate with us. As for my daily tasks, it’s challenging to define them because the problems that clients call us with are very diverse. When I log in for work, I never know what to expect. That’s what makes it exciting!

MATEUSZ: So, no room for monotony?

MARTYNA: Not really. Some tasks are repetitive, like making hotel or flight reservations or preparing calculations for clients, but there’s never a dull moment. I guess that’s the nature of this industry.

MATEUSZ: I expect there are situations where a client approaches you with a problem and wants a solution right away. How do you handle time pressure?

MARTYNA: There are indeed moments when you need to act quickly and on multiple fronts, for example, managing the issue, talking to the hotel, and convincing the client that we are working on a solution. I like such situations where you have to rise to the challenge!

MATEUSZ: Are there any tasks that frustrate you? Something you’d make disappear with a magic wand :)?

MARTYNA: Sometimes, there are offers for clients that have many variables, like dates, the number of travelers, hotels, which not only result in a lot of tasks but also require high attention to detail to avoid forgetting anything. I guess that’s the one thing I would make disappear with that magic wand.

MATEUSZ: You’ve been associated with the travel industry for quite some time; what do you appreciate most about it?

MARTYNA: Probably what I mentioned earlier. It’s a job where something is always happening, and I never know what to expect each day. I can’t see myself working in a corporation where I have to perform repetitive tasks. The dynamics and diversity of this industry are what I like.

MATEUSZ: You work fully remotely, which can be challenging in terms of separating work and personal life. How do you maintain a work-life balance?

MARTYNA: During work, I try to take short breaks to step away from the computer and do something else for a while. After work, I often go to the gym. I don’t really think about work during that time. Of course, sometimes there are situations at work that we analyze and pay a lot of attention to for some time, but I don’t have a problem separating my professional and personal life.

MATEUSZ: You touched on another topic I wanted to address. What do you do after work?

MARTYNA: I’ve gotten back into reading. I forgot how much I love it, and now I read a lot. I studied Polish Philology, so I got used to reading a large number of books.

MATEUSZ: Guides, Crime Novels, Romance :)?

MARTYNA: Crime novels. I finished one of Remigiusz Mróz series about comissioner Wiktor Frost and am now starting another. I used to read a lot of reportage, but I needed a break from them. I’ll probably return to them when I get bored with crime novels.

MATEUSZ: Have you ever thought about writing? Are you working on anything, even if it’s just for your drawer?

MARTYNA: I try, but sometimes the inspiration is lacking.

MATEUSZ: Short stories, poems?

MARTYNA: Short stories. It’s probably easiest for me to write something like romance :).

MATEUSZ: Speaking of literary genres, here’s a science fiction question. What would you say to yourself from 2005?

MARTYNA: Oh my! In 2005, I was in high school, right? I’d probably tell myself to study Cultural Studies in Wrocław.

MATEUSZ: Why didn’t that work out?

MARTYNA: Several factors didn’t align, and from today’s perspective, I probably wouldn’t consider them important.

MATEUSZ: Finally, as for holidays, where to?

MARTYNA: The Polish seaside.

MATEUSZ: Ah, so the most expensive option in the world, it seems :)!

MARTYNA: Yes, that’s how it turns out (laughs).

MATEUSZ: Your last trip?

MARTYNA: Budapest. It was a typical city break. I think I visited everything possible. I highly recommend the city.

MATEUSZ: And the next destination for a weekend getaway?

MARTYNA: I would like to return to Bucharest for a few days. It’s also a very interesting place that I recommend, and I hope to visit it soon :).