The Future of Business Travel

The BUSINESS TRAVEL REPORT 2023 is a summary of research, a compilation of key data, facts, and trends that are currently shaping the world of business travel. Our report focuses on the evolving landscape of business travel, digital transformation, cybersecurity, and the integration of ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) in the context of corporate business trips.

Discover insights into the future, the impact of Generation Z, the importance of employee satisfaction, and the resilience of the industry. Download the report to be well-prepared for the changes in the world of business travel.

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Our report reveals a lasting need for personal meetings in modern business management. Digital transformation is not a prediction; it is a reality. Explore how it transforms business travel in surprising ways.

Key Benefits/Unique Value Proposition (UVP):

Tracking the Evolution of Business Travel: Learn how business trips are dynamically changing.
The Future of Business Travel: Understand the trends shaping future business journeys.
Digital Transformation: Discover the impact of digital transformation on business travel.
Cybersecurity in Travel: Learn how to ensure digital security during business trips.
ESG in Business Travel: How to integrate Environmental, Social, and Governance principles into business trips.
Cost Management: Strategies for reducing costs in business travel.
Safety and Security: How to provide a sense of security during business trips.
Employee Satisfaction: The impact of business travel on employee satisfaction.
The Airline Industry: Is it recovering post-pandemic? New trends and perspectives.

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