The business trips of one of the leaders in IT services in Poland

Britenet is a software development and IT outsourcing organization that helps companies on their way to digital transformation. They focus on innovative solutions that guarantee the optimization of their clients’ business. Business trips are undertaken primarily by full-time employees, for whom functional solutions tailored to their needs are a priority.

  • Average duration of a work trip: approx. 1-2 days
  • Average travel cost: approx. PLN 500
  • In 2022 Britenet employees made a total of 896 business trips

The goals

  • Shortening the waiting time for a trip offer.
  • Reducing business travel expenses.
  • Automation of the booking process and responsibility for booking by select employees.
  • Accelerating the time to receive an invoice for services.
  • Support for employees during the trip.

The approach

  • Reservations are made immediately, therefore the time of trip management has been significantly reduced. Previously, the client sent an inquiry to the broker and the response time could be several hours. Currently, the reservation takes a few minutes.
  • The wide range of offers provided gives the opportunity to match the most cost-effective option.
  • Four people in the company have been given the authority to approve a trip through a manual authorization process. Two of them work with the system on a daily basis, the other two have access in the event of needing to cover. The duties of the designated persons include ensuring all organisational aspects of the trip and then the financial settlement.
  • A travel policy with budget limits and custom travel approval processes has been defined.
  • Adjustment of the tool to match the specific needs of the company.

Achievements and conclusions

  • The waiting time to receive an offer has been reduced to a minimum.
  • A wide selection of offers, tailored to the client’s needs in terms of location and price, has resulted in a reduction in business travel expenses.
  • The possibility of an in-depth analysis of expenses on business trips has been created, which allows for future optimization.
  • The automated travel policy results in a trouble-free service for work trips, from the moment of creating a work trip application right through to settling expenses.
  • For the client, not only the booking time itself was key, but also the time in which the invoice was received. The acceleration of this process has improved the financial settlement of business trips.
  • They have gained the possibility to quickly solve any problems during a trip thanks to 24-hour support.
  • Cashless travel.